Home inventory software

Does anyone have a recommendation for home inventory software? My basic requirements are: simple to use so my dad can participate, cloud based so our family can share, works on iOS and MacOS, and not aimed at small business (I.e. I don’t want to pay $60 or $100 per month).

I did a basic Google search, but didn’t see anything that jumped out at me. Several of them weren’t cloud based, and a couple didn’t support MacOS (I.e. supported Windows, or were iOS/Android only).



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Give this a look: https://undermyroof.app/


Basically what you are asking for is a pre-structured database specifically tailored for keeping an inventory of your stuff.

I have something better to suggest! How about a FREE database program that is dead easy to set up, that will allow you to create your own custom template for entry of data for each item? That way, your home inventory database will be exactly as you want it to be.

Symphytum (free)
(Sort of like an early version of Filemaker Pro. Automatic synchronization across computers is built-in, and it is cross platform - both Mac and Windows)!

Take a look at TapForms. Essentially, a lightweight version of FileMaker (or Bento, for those old enough to remember that product). It’s not “cloud-based” per se, but it syncs via the cloud so you could have multiple people maintaining the data.


I was in the same boat recently and checked out both Blue Plum Home Inventory and Under My Roof. Blue Plum never responded to my query about using bar codes whereas I had in in-depth and informative exchange with Kevin at Under My Roof.

(The latest version of Blue Plum Home Inventory came out 7 months ago. UMR, 2 weeks ago.)

Kevin explained the agony they went through in deciding upon a subscription model and though I tend to avoid that format in summary I’m going with UMR.



I have been using ‘Home Inventory’ from Binary Formations for many years. It’s not perfect, but never had the need to look elsewhere. Then they switched to subscription mode for the new version which it now appears is called ‘Under My Roof’.

Meanwhile, there is now ‘Home Inventory’ from Blue Plum which looks remarkably similar. I’d say it’s the same product that has now been taken over by Blue Plum.

Biggest lack is not having an iOS version with which to sync and fully access and update the database. That may or may not be an issue depending on intended usage.

I’m thinking of creating my own, then I can only complain to myself if it doesn’t do what I want. :grinning:

Just downloaded TapForms and a database for home inventory. We’ll see how it works. I’m curious if I can take multiple pictures and have it put it in the correct record. Edited the home inventory database/form to simplify it. Only $16 and there is a mac version I can buy. It also exports to csv so I’m interested to see how it deals with the images.


Have a look at Golden Squirrel