High Sierra to Mojave

So I got my 2015 MBP set up with High Sierra and my setup (formerly on El Capitan) migrated over. Everything seems to work OK, at least this one day into it.

I’d like to go as current as I can with this system, because it needs to last for a few years, so I’m planning on going to Mojave.

Are there big differences between HS and Mojave that I should be aware of. I know, this is very app-specific, but if there is some huge underlying issue I’m not aware of, I’d love to know.

Thanks, as always!

It may be difficult for people to remember differences between old versions of macOS, including myself, since it has been a few years since they came out.

Having said that, I don’t recall there being many big changes from HS -> Mojave. I think Mojave->Catalina was the big shift since it dropped support for 32-bit apps.

I don’t recall any big changes either. I do recall that they changed the location of updates (Sys Prefs vs. MAS) so I always ended up looking in the wrong location first when switching between HS and Mohave systems.