Here’s How to Access Your Yearly Apple Music Replay Playlists

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Apple has quietly added a year-in-review feature and playlist to Apple Music, but you won’t find it in iTunes or the Music app. Here’s the trick to accessing it.

Apple Music just told me I hadn’t listened to enough music for Replay to work! :rofl: I’ve been using Apple Music since March 2017, almost daily. I guess this is why it’s only available on the web version, which is technically a beta. So is this, clearly.

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It worked for me, and my main use of Apple Music was through my Sonos, though maybe a few percent listening to music on my iPhone in the car. I had completely forgotten about the web interface to Apple Music until I read this article, and finding my replay playlist was the first time I ever used it. (It says that I listened to 472 hours of music this year.)

Same here, I just do not trust the data. Apple Music is having a hard time to count all plays reliably across all my Devices. This is just maddening. And it’s also maddening that most reporters don’t cross check their own numbers. Very superficial reporting which is unfortunate.

Both Josh and I did look at our numbers and they didn’t seem notably wrong. There were a few things I was surprised about, but since Tonya and I listen to a lot of music on our HomePods, her listens would presumably have been added to mine. (We haven’t been able to get the individual options for iOS for HomePod working yet.)

But yeah, the fact that it’s available only through the beta Web interface suggests that it’s not fully baked yet.