Helping with COVID-19 in a small way

I am impressed by the large-scale efforts of various IT actors to help with the crisis, but I want to make a plea for small steps as well. To give a personal example, because I’m a retired software engineer, I’m trying to cobble together a smartphone app that will help people in France (and perhaps elsewhere) obey the government’s rules about leaving home to take exercise while maintaining social distancing. I may not succeed - Apple doesn’t make rapid deployment of apps particularly easy - but the general idea behind this is perhaps worth discussing: not to change the world, but to provide a bit of help here and there, perhaps quite locally, perhaps in cooperation with other skill sets found in a forum like this one. It doesn’t have to be software particularly.


I think this a wonderful idea. But because I’m probably the least technically oriented person on this list, I probably won’t be much help. But I would like to try if need be.