Help with Cocktail app

I’ve been a user of Cocktail app for some time. I usually run the app before shutting down. Starting recently, I’ve had to re-enter my name, e-mail & serial number each time I launch it. I’ve now twice uninstalled the app, removed all traces of it - visible and invisible - re-installed it but same issue occurs. I made sure it was given full disk access each time.

I suspect this may have started around the time of the last Monterey update earlier this month. I have written to Maintain twice in the last week regarding this issue, but I have not gotten a response. I wrote to them last year regarding another issue, and got no response then either.

I thought I would try pulling old prefs off of my Time Machine backup. If I look in /private/var/folders, I can see a folder called com.maintain.cocktail.monterey15. That’s the folder I would like to get a copy of prior to the Monterey update. However, when I go back in Time Machine with that window open, I can’t go back further than yesterday.

Any suggestions how to possibly resolve this issue would be appreciated.

Why? It’s a total waste of time to run Cocktail unless you are having an issue that might be resolved by running a specific routine. Just curious as to which features you enable and what you expect it accomplishes that is beneficial?

I know it’s outlived it’s usefulness for the most part. Guess old habits are hard to break. Thanks for your input.

I have had the same total lack of response from Maintain. I’ve given up on them.

A modern substitute for Cocktail is:

Maintenance (free)

Maintenance is nice in that it has just what you need for routine maintenance, and nothing to get an ordinary user in trouble.

If you are a power user, and know what you are doing, from the same developer you can instead download:

Onyx (free)

Agree with the quality of all the Titanium Software offerings, but still can’t recommend they be used in a periodic way. Best run with options enabled to address specific issues that you are experiencing.

As an example, caches and databases should only be deleted/rebuilt when you suspect they have somehow become corrupt (doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to). Doing so will temporarily slow things down while such caches are rebuilt from scratch since they are necessary to optimize speed of your computing experience.