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It’s time for TidBITS to learn new tricks in the wake of managing editor Josh Centers leaving, while continuing to bring you the Apple advice and technical details you’ve come to rely on over the past 32 years. Will you help us start a fun new chapter in our long history?

I am TidBITS member because: I learn much from the members of the global TidBITS community; I have my problems solved or canvassed by members the the TidBITS community; I make purchases based on information provided by TidBITS members; I benefit from the links provided in issues of TidBITS; and above all, I feel like I am a member of this TidBITS community.

So thanks to Adam, Josh and the TidBITS team for curating this rather wonderful community and such ready resources.

Now it is good to do a naval-gazing exercise from time to time, but the way TidBITS operates now suits me just fine. The TidBITS emails come in to my inbox and I look at the TidBITS emails in my time and pace and I have time to investigate anything further.

I have to participate in these ‘interactive’ schemes for work and they are time consuming and usually come with some technical or log-on issues for the nth time. So Adam I don’t want to dampen your creative intentions, but maybe what you have created is just right. From your post, maybe there are matters of time commitment, etc that makes the current production process unsatisfactory and I accept those as reasons for change.


I think the way you crowdsourced and catalogued information about Quicken alternatives several years ago could be a model for you.

Right now, alternatives to LastPass is something that many of us are trying to evaluate. But, each of us is doing it alone. It would be very valuable to read a survey of TidBITS readers to get their opinion on password managers.

I think other topics, e.g., email client software and internet service providers, and other recurring or popular subjects on TidBITS Talk, also lend themselves to crowdsourcing.

Just my 2¢

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Whoops! Started this reply and lost track of it…

We’ve actually heard this before too, and it’s gratifying. But…

More the problem is that I really like building system and learning new apps and skills. I need to do something new to stay interested. The actual process of producing TidBITS is pretty streamlined—we’ve been working on it for decades and our last website upgrade was designed in part to eliminate remaining bits of friction.

But don’t worry, if you aren’t interested in whatever I come up with, it’s unlikely to change the experience of reading TidBITS much.

Yeah, we did a few articles along those lines, and while they were a lot of work, the results were extremely useful. And lots of people are looking for new password managers because of 1Password 8’s changes and LastPass’s breach. So I’ll look into an article about that soon, though it’s not something I want to do more generally since it often turns into a vast amount of nit-picky work.