Help, please: in-mail is not arriving in Inbox on iPhone, instead arriving in a subfolder

Short background: My and my wife’s e-mail (each of us has a personal domain name for business) used to be forwarded from our domain host to our ISP, but something went awry and the ISP proved useless. So I deleted the forwarder, and Apple Mail (MacOS and iOS) now logs into the domain host. Everything works much better. All mail arrives.

However, whereas my mail arrives in “All Inboxes” on both Mac (Monterey) and iPhone, my wife’s mail arrives in a subfolder and is not shown in All Inboxes" on her iPhone (and yet it is correctly sorted on her Mac). These screenshots show the difference:

What setting do I need to change to get my wife’s Inbox working the same as mine (and as both already do on our Macs)?

In gmail on a web browser, where is the mail showing up? In the regular, top inbox, or are they arriving in a different mail label?

If they are arriving in the correct place when you look at webmail (and, based on what I will say later in the paragraph, I bet they are), maybe delete the account from the iPhone and set it up again? The fact that she is seeing two inbox labels and a separate spam and junk label suggests to e that something is up with the account setup. The standard gmail label called “spam” should show as “Junk” in the Apple mail app, not as a separate “spam” folder.

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If it were a regular IMAP account, as opposed to Google’s adaptation of IMAP for Gmail, I would check the path prefix. On the Mac, it’s one of the the Advanced IMAP Settings accessible through the Server Settings preference panel.

It’s probably easiest, though, to do what Doug suggested and just set the account up again from scratch.

Thanks for the suggestions. Gmail is not involved (that just one of my wife’s employer accounts).

Yes, it’s a regular IMAP account; I’ll do as you suggest and check the prefix. Otherwise, as I had wondered about, I’ll delete and reinstate the account.

I saw something similar to this. In my case, the Trash folder got messed up. Instead deleting messages to it, they got moved to a “[gmail]/Trash” folder/label in GMail.

I’m not sure why, but iOS just forgot about the correct location. I solved it by manually changing a bunch of key folders in the app and then changing them back:

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > (account name) > Account > Advanced
  • On the top, there are settings for the Drafts, Sent, Deleted and Archive folders. Make sure they are set to the folders you expect. If not, change them. If they look good, but aren’t behaving correctly, change them to something else, then restart the Mail app (or reboot the phone) then change them back.

The above doesn’t affect the identity of your Inbox folder, however. If that remains messed up,then I would agree that you should try deleting and re-creating the account on the phone.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Fixed. Solution: Delete faulty account. Create new account, and remember to include the pathname prefix (INBOX).