Help - Photos migration from Aperture has broken my Backups!


My Aperture vault was stored on an AFP mounted shared folder on a Synology NAS.
I use Synology’s Hyperbackup to backup the NAS folder to the Synology C2 cloud storage.

Yesterday I opened the Aperture library in Photos (4.0) and it imported the Library ok changed the name to “Aperture Library.migratedaplibrary” and created a Photos library in the same folder (I have renamed this) “Photos Library 2009-2016.photoslibrary”. When my Synology backup ran overnight It failed saying insufficient destination space.

I read in “Take Control of Photos” that the process of importing an Aperture library actually creates hard-links and does not double the storage space taken up. The backup software running on the NAS is obviously trying to back up both libraries.

So my question is am I safe to just delete the “Aperture Library.migratedaplibrary” assuming I never want to open this in Aperture again?



Personally, I’d keep a backup of the Aperture library as it stands right now on some other drive, just in case, and then I’d delete it from the Synology. Aperture won’t launch in macOS 10.15 anyway, so there shouldn’t be any loss in deleting it.

I also suggest the backup just in case there’s something funny with hard links on the Synology.

That was I was planning but wanted someone else to sanity check - thanks!
It worked just fine Photos can open the converted library and my Synology backup is running again.

Thanks again.