Help me find Apple watch app to count reps

I am hoping to find, with the Tidbits crowd help, a very simple app for my Apple Watch. I am doing reps (mostly 4) when I am training. I have tried to find an app that I could set the reps in preferences and then just hit the app with my nose or finger for each rep. If I choose 4 reps in preferences, it should reset to zero when reaching 4. A very simple app, but very useful.

I have tried an app called Clicker. It will count to four and reset, after that it counts to 4 and then goes further without reset. It is probably a reason for this, but I do not understand it.

I can’t help you with an Apple Watch app, but I recently ran across these little finger counters while researching ways for runners to keep track of laps while running an indoor 5000m on a 200m track, so 25 laps. They’re so cheap it might be worth giving them a try.,aps,317

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