Hazel 5.0

Originally published at: Hazel 5.0 - TidBITS

Major upgrade for the file automation and cleanup utility switches to a standalone app and adds support for macOS 11 Big Sur. ($42 new, $20 upgrade, 20.4 MB, macOS 10.13+)


It’s moved to an app rather than a System Preferences pane, which is welcome. Removes the Hazel 4 pref pane during install but I had to reboot to get the icon to disappear.

Always been a terrific app.

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Already upgraded, Hazel is probably the most-used app on my Mac alongside Keyboard Maestro and Typinator. The move to a standalone app wasn’t unexpected, as I recall reading that Apple are leaning on developers to switch away from using custom Preference panes for their apps. Looking at my Preferences panel now, the only 3rd-party one left is Backblaze.