Has Apple Card developed a taste for canned meat?

Lately I’ve noticed three changes related to Apple Card: 1) transfers from/to my bank account to Apple Card are no longer next-day as they’ve been for me since inception, 2) the app on iOS 13 failing to update transactions in quasi-real time as it’s done for me since inception, and 3) many more emails. The first two I’m assuming are outside of my control, the former likely cost-cutting measures at GS, the latter QA/QC issues like we’ve seen elsewhere with Apple software. The final point though I wonder if I can affect.

Since roughly Aug 1 I’ve started receiving email whenever I transfer funds from my bank account to Apple Card. Ironically, in several instances (not all though) I’ve gotten those emails before the Apple Card app listed the transfer (see point 2 above). I never used to get such emails. The transfer just happened and the record was in the app’s list (plus of course the monthly statement). The monthly statement emails used to be the only ones I got. Then came the emails about payment extension due to covid (despite the app already alerting to that). And now these emails detailing every single transfer of funds. It does feel rather spammy. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that this started right after Apple launched their web interface for Apple Card.

Anyway, I wonder if there’s a setting for this that I might have accidentally turned on, or missed to turn off. I checked the app and couldn’t find anything there. I checked Settings > Notifications too even though I felt that was probably not the right location (it’s email I’m after, not iOS user notification). I couldn’t find anything at all. Did I miss it? Can anybody point me to it?

I forgot to mention, there’s no ‘unsubscribe’ or similar link in the emails. Also, I couldn’t find any such option at card.apple.com.

Now that you mention it, I did receive a “Your payment has been received” email when I paid my Apple Card bill this month. I thought nothing of it, because I expect to see those from my credit card providers, but looking back I see that it is the first one to come from AppleCard/GS.

Although there is indeed no “unsubscribe” button in the email, there are instructions on getting in touch with an Apple Card Specialist through the Wallet app or by phone. Did you ask them about it?

I tried, but the email link to chat was broken. QA/QC. :man_facepalming: :laughing:

  1. I only do payments once a month, from my bank to the card, and they always happen on schedule. I haven’t done a cash advance from a credit card in at least a decade, probably two. However, I do a monthly transfer from the Apple Cash account in my wallet to my bank, for the cash back bonus I’ve earned over the month from the Apple Card, and it’s always next business day. Sorry that I can’t help you with that one.

  2. All of my transactions get notifications in the app very quickly. Maybe once or twice I’ve seen it delayed an hour after using the card online. That hasn’t changed for me.

  3. I don’t get emailed versions of all of my transactions except for all of the Apple Services, which would happen anyway if they weren’t paid by Apple Card. I just checked my email account, including the trash - I’ve had nine transactions in the last week, the only emails were the two from Apple Services.

Sorry that wasn’t all that helpful. In the wallet app page for the Apple Card there is a link to the message app (Message / App / Website buttons), and I understand that Goldman Sachs is pretty responsive to messages. I’d try getting help there.

Link from the app worked. And they did respond, after about 30 min. Bottom line, they can’t turn it off. Wonder why not everybody is getting these.