GREAT old mac software?

Catchy subject, no? Two of my absolute favorite pieces of true Mac software were created largely by 2 individuals. I kinda of feel a bit close to each of them because I had a mail relationship with their authors. They really wanted know what I felt about what they were doing, one of them took several of my idea and ran with them! One passed on way before his time and I still feel the pain (although there is some confusion around one of them). First was Evan Gross of Spell Catcher fame. Last In heard from his widow was that she was trying to see how to continue… I thought her best move was essentially sell the source to another dedicated person. Sadly, that never happened.SC was the bee’s knees in term of a system wide spell checker, it kinda sorta still works but has seriously issues dealing with the clipboard that is depends on to function (as in at times painfully slow). In this day and age, we have NO spell checkers for macOS?

The other one is the ftp client called YummyFTP. I got into a continuing mail relationship with a British developer named Martin Crane back when he worked for some company (whose name I can’t remember) doing their ftp client. Back in those days I have a LOT of use for a ftp client, so I peppered him with idea of cool things to extend it. He decided to break off on his own as a shareware developer. MANY of the things I pushed him to do got done (one of which was one could create a app that you could drag a file(s) onto and have them automatically upload where you wanted them to go. Drag and drop and it now lives on some remote server. At a certain point he (I think) started a company called YummyFTP to commercialize the stuff he was writing. Around that time I was out in a position (retired) where I virtually never needed ftp so we kind lost touch.

Fast forward to yesterday when I needed to ftp something (to my web hosting space). Had all sorts of issues (that I ultimately found out had EVERYTHING to do with my ISP being totally flummoxed). Went to the Yummy site which seems moribund for the past few years… turns out some guy named Jason had passed away. Their seems to be some indication he was the head programmer, but I DO know the guy who got them to the point of the stuff I got.

Might ANYONE here know more about this story? Searching around the web is very difficult because this is also a TV character’s name on “Friends!”