Great hub for the new Macs

(This is the second new experience I’ve posted today. To alleviate anyone’s suspicions: I’m a doctor, not a businessman, and have no interest of any kind in any business connected with the items I’ve praised. These posts are only FYI about stuff I think may be interesting or useful.)

The lack of needed ports on my MB Air is a problem, so I got a dongle hub. That works well, but is a PIA for carrying my Mac around. Then I found this DGRule “Invisible Hub” on a crowd-sourcing site ( and “contributed”. For a long while it seemed as if the outfit had died (along with my contribution), but then they reappeared (now apparently no longer in California but in China). I just got the thing yesterday, and it’s great. It attaches easily but securely to my Mac (I’ll probably never remove it), has all the ports I need right in back, and is so much better than the clumsy dongle. Well worth the money. (I have no connection or interest in the company, but wish them well for making such a great product.)


It looks like a clever design - thank you for the tip.
Can it work like a dock, so you can easily remove the Macbook but leave all the peripherals connected on the desk?
A pity they don’t make one for my Retina Macbook!

It attaches and detaches easily, so yes, you can do that. There’s a video on their website showing how easy this is. BTW, this hub has another advantage, too: I can put a MagSafe adapter on it, which wasn’t possible on the MB Air without blocking the second USB-C hole.

Looks nice but seems to lack the most important port for my office, a Cat 5e or Cat 6 (ethernet) port.

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Hmmm, you’re right. I hadn’t noticed that before because I hardly ever need/use ethernet. However, if I should need it, the USB-C dongle I got before I found this hub has an ethernet hole which I assume works, and I’ve just seen that small and inexpensive ethernet/USB-A and C adapters exist. So if this hub would be otherwise attractive/useful for you, I imagine you could use it with such an adapter without adding to clutter on your desk.

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Is there a hub that I could use with the new Macbook Air? I am thinking of replacing my end of 2013 iMac with a combination (Macbook Air + LG 4K Display + external SSD + Ethernet + power source + ?)

I have been using a Caldigit Thunderbolt 3 station.
It has worked well as a power source for the MacBookPro and for my 4K display and other peripherals.


I’m a happy user of the cheap AUKEY Unity Link PD III 8-in-1 USB-C Hub with 100W PD


Thanks, that looks like a good choice.

If you don’t need to attach fast peripherals you’ll probably be well served with a less expensive USB-C hub. Wirecutter has a few good recommendations.

If you want to also attach really fast disks or several larger screens, you should be looking at TB3 docks. They’re more expensive, but they offer better performance. As @david_tuma said, the CalDigit TS3 Plus (just $220 on Amazon today) is awesome. It’s also Wirecutter’s #1 choice.