Got my tracking notice for my M1 Pro 14 inch!

It should arrive within a few days!

I decided to keep the standard M1 Pro 8 Core CPU / 14 Core GPU / 16 Core Neural Engine I originally ordered but went with 32 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD. I currently have a 13-inch late 2013 MBP with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, so it should be a huge difference and last me fine for the next 8 years.

Not upgrading to 10 Core CPU slightly nagged at me, but $200 here and $200 there for things I really don’t need really can add up. I’m fine with my decision.

My Photos library is on an external SSD drive, so I look forward to “bringing that home” again.


Very cool. Can I ask when you ordered it? Mine (same as yours but 16GB/1TB) ordered 10/19 still says 11/18 earliest.

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I ordered it the day of the announcement, or maybe it was the next morning. It depends on time difference. I’m in Tokyo. I woke up, read about the new models, and placed my order that morning. It immediately said expected delivery in 8-10 business days, which I guess dragged into November.

Good for you. :slight_smile:

I got a shipping notice for my 14" (16 core 32GB/1TB) on Fri with expected delivery on Wed (ordered first day). But as of today, UPS says it’ll be Thu. It’s still lurking somewhere around Shanghai (Zhengzhou). Usually it’s a short delivery from when it finally touches down in ANC.

According to UPS it looks like it’s going to be today after all. :slight_smile:

Once it finally left Zhengzhou on to Seoul, things went real quick. From ICN to ANC and straight on to SDF. There a change of equipment and off to OAK where it arrived this morning at 5:30am. After a short transfer to the local delivery station (San Pablo, CA) it’s now on its way out to my place. A full 6 days early compared to Apple’s delivery promise when it shipped (initial window was Nov 5-10). :+1:

@doug2, how do they ship from Shanghai to Tokyo? I’m assuming that must be quite fast once it leaves the ground.

I’m not sure I thought it might arrive yesterday because the AppleCare warranty is dated from November 3, but the tracking just says it left the overseas location.

My AppleCare+ is dated Oct 31, one day after the AC proof of coverage arrived which itself was one day after the MBP shipped. Note: shipped, not delivered.

Initially, I actually thought that was a bit crummy, considering delivery could then easily knock off a week of my actual AC coverage. But I have also experienced that Apple usually isn’t strict about cutting you off from AC service the exact day it expires. As long as they remain generous about when it expires, I guess the exact date doesn’t matter a whole lot.

That’s been my experience as well. Also, I have actually seen the date updated in the past.

Mine’s on the way too…ordered the 19th…14 inch 32 GB 2 TB with estimated delivery date of 11/11 according to the Apple Store. UPS originally said tomorrow for estimated delivery date but as of now it says check back tomorrow for estimated delivery date and the last progress report was 0114 on 11/4 (guess that is Shanghai time) that says in transit to the destination city UPS facility so who really knows.

Mine apparently left Shanghai on the 3rd and it’s still not here yet. Today is the 5th. I took a boat once from Shanghai that was quicker.

Yesterday something weird popped up when I clicked the Apple tracking link. I wish I got a screenshot because it’s gone now. It was saying they were going to send somebody to my house and help me set it up and move everything over from my old Mac! No, I wasn’t dreaming. It looked badly formatted. Maybe they were testing something?

Mine arrived today. It was actually here yesterday, but of course the UPS driver showed up—after giving us the tremendously accurate arrival window of 9am-7pm—during exactly those 30 min neither of us was here.

Not a whole lot to say yet, but it’s a beast. And it really does feel heavier (looks heavier too) than the 2020 13". I ran a piece of code we’ve been developing since 2007. Nothing special, no graphics. Just a lot of number crunching and mem access. Holy moly. It’s awesome to see this 14" $3k notebook completely destroy a rack mounted server equipped with hefty blowers and ductwork that incidentally also makes noise like a jet engine. :wink:


Sounds great. What specs did you get? As for the weight, I think it’s about the same as my late 2013 MBP 13 inch. Looking forward to it.

My order for the 16” M1 Max 64 went in. It’s an age since I had a large MBPro and an age since I had one that impressed me. Figure it’s due.

M1 Pro, 10/16 core, 32GB/1TB

On paper it’s only 0.4 lbs heavier. But it actually feels like more than that, and it certainly looks more beefy.

My 13" MacBook Pro with 10 CPU cores and 14 Graphics cores was ordered within an hour of the end of the keynote with a delivery estimate of November 2 to November 5. Apple changed the start date from November 3, but then as it shipped changed the date to November 2 and pointed to FedEx .

I then tracked it on FedEx with a projected arrival date of October 29, although Apple did not change the November 2 estimate until shortly before the actual arrival. For your amusement, I’ve attached the actual MacBookPro Tacking Log.pdf (280.5 KB).

As you can see, it went from Shanghai through Japan (I think Sennan-Shi is the site of Osaka’s airport), then through FedEx’s main US hub at Memphis to Oakland, and arrived on time last Friday morning.

By the way, I checked the historic dimensions and weight of MacBook Pros via MacTracker. The 2021 14" MacBookPro comes really close to the 2013-2015 era 13" MacBookPros.

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MacTracker looks interesting. I see it doesn’t include the new 2021 MBPs though.

Here are the late 2013 MBP retina specs: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) - Technical Specifications

Size and Weight

  • Height: 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)
  • Width: 12.35 inches (31.4 cm)
  • Depth: 8.62 inches (21.9 cm)
  • Weight: 3.46 pounds (1.57 kg)

And here are the new M1 Pro 14 inch specs: MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) - Technical Specifications

Size and Weight

  • Height: 0.61 inch (1.55 cm)
  • Width: 12.31 inches (31.26 cm)
  • Depth: 8.71 inches (22.12 cm)
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg)

The new one is just 0.03 kg heavier. And apparently it’s 0.25 cm thinner. But basically the same size.

My new 16" is due tomorrow. It’s at the local airport (MHT) and will make it to the Dover UPS warehouse tonight, and on the delivery truck tomorrow!\


I was kidding about a slow boat from China, but seriously - how is it sent from Shanghai? By boat?


It’s now the 5th here. It says it was received at the Shanghai store on the 1st and sent from the store on the 3rd.

Oh well. Another day.

Note on my log from FedEx the ‘International Shipment Release’ items. That’s getting more than the shipping company involved and I’ve seen it be real choke points.

And here is a semi-satirical review reviewing the new MacBookPros as upgrades to pre-2016 models (i.e. as if the TouchPad generation never existed).