Google Won’t Be Crumbling Cookies For Another 2+ Years

Why am I not surprised about this?

I was amused by this part:

“Today’s move by Google, delaying the deprecation of cookies, is clearly the right one,” said John Gentry, president and CEO of ad-tech company OpenX. “The advertising industry has been coming together over the past 12 to 18 months to work on solutions, and while it’s been great to see the progress we have collectively made, taking the time to get this right is the correct approach. This delay simply means more time for both publishers and advertisers to get ready, and in the end, it’s the consumer who will benefit.”

I think the main ‘benefit’ of this delay will be to all the companies with troves of personal data scraped together through tracking, as they’ll have more time to map that data to the new FLoC identifiers so they can carry on doing Business As Usual.


What I find especially creepy is that the information they collect about you resides on your browser and not the cloud. Ads are served when the required information, which they claim will be anonymized, is retrieved from your browser, and then mixed in with other “cohorts.” And nothing is stopping advertisers from mixing this information in what they already know about you.

How this is more private and secure than cookies is beyond me.