Google search redirects

Google Chrome has lost the ability to let me (as used to be the case) copy and paste the long “redirect” URL from Google search results. In other words, I want to be able to copy and paste this search result URL …

… instead of the original URL to which it points:

I can do that in Opera, but I can’t find a way to do it in my main browser, Chrome—and it’s a pain to use two browsers.

Any tips?

Can you provide the steps you’re following? I can’t quite figure out where you’re trying to copy the URL from such that you’re getting the wrong thing.

When I search for something in Google—let’s say, “Trump”— I get a results page like this:

If I want to give people with whom I’m sharing an item a fighting chance not to run into a paywall (like the Washington Post’s), I can right-click that link in Safari (for instance) and get a Google redirect link:


… like this:

But that functionality has disappeared from Chrome, and I get only the straight WaPo link:

Seems like there ought to be a way to toggle that behavior, but I’ve found nothing.

Thanks, Adam!

Ah, I understand now. Normally, I’d think it would be better to get the unadulterated link, but if you’re trying to get past paywalls, the adulterated link is better.

I see what you’re saying, but I have to assume it’s intentional behavior on Google’s part and the only solution would be to use Safari or another browser that doesn’t do that.

“Adulterated” is a great term. Thanks again.