Google Chrome Helper in Activity Monitor

Hello All: I was looking in my Activity Monitor and find many Google Chrome Helper files.
Can I delete in Activity Monitor and leave just one? Am I going to get into trouble If I do so?
I have noticed that Safari and Firefox are faster to launch than Chrome these days.

No. And I suspect if you try, it will just relaunch again, immediately or prevent a page you are viewing from rendering properly.

Generally speaking, it’s never a good idea to force quit any process unless it’s obviously out-of-control (high CPU usage) and quitting the associated app doesn’t make them disappear on its own.

I believe Google Chrome creates a Google Chrome Helper process for every open tab. There’s no reason to force quit them—just close tabs in Google Chrome or quit the app entirely.

Thank you Adam and Al. Very helpful. It now makes sense there are so many files in Activity Monitor

I spotted these memory hogging swine years ago and had a thread with Google to try and deal with them. They kept telling me that they were “fixing” it but never really did! As Activity Monitor is what Apple says our Rams are doing I stopped using Chrome 'cause they needed a re-start of the Mac to excise the buggers!! Google’s Bug reporting and “fixing” system/process was AWFUL the worst trick was to conflate a long running bug that I had reported (where Chrome has an unlimited download of files OR a ceiling of 2GB; but you don’t either know which state it’s in OR can you switch to the one you want!!) into another semi-related bug and call mine “fixed”!!! Apple’s Feedback Assistant is even more obtuse so I’ve stopped feeding back after more than 20years of being a Beta tester!