Google Chrome 69

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Provides an updated user interface with rounded shapes, new icons, and a new color palette. (Free, 68.5 MB)

Wired has an interesting around about how the Google Chrome team is trying to move past the URL, due to the main security and usability problems with URLs.

The money quote: “As Emily Stark, a technical lead at Chrome puts it, the project is the URLephant in the room.”

Chrome 69 seems to break Apple Mail’s Open Link Behind Mail option. It opens the right link but brings the browser window forward. Several people have noted this, all with 69.

Chrome 69 also breaks window indexing and IDs, breaking AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro macros. Very, very annoying. Fixed in the current beta, but, boo, anyway.

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My accounting department encountered 2 web sites not compatible with Google Chrome 69. One is a banking site that reads checking information from a check-reader, the other is a copyright entry site.