Good home for old Macs (in the UK)?

Hello TidBITS Talkers! I’m moving and so having a bit of a clear out. I’ve found the following in the course of packing up, which I would love to find a good home for:

  • PowerBook 1400
  • PowerBook 5300
  • Power Mac 7500
  • Several Apple Keyboards/Apple Keyboard IIs
  • One or two Apple Extended Keyboards (II?)

I’ve not had a chance to test any of these to see if they are working, but if anyone is interested in them, then I am happy to test them first to see if they’re working. Also happy if someone wants them for parts.

Shipping for the Power Mac 7500 (the heaviest one) would be around £7, the others probably a bit less. Again, if anyone’s interested I can get specific prices. Or if you can collect them from Edinburgh, you’re more than welcome to come along and take them away!

I’d be checking out a keyboard if I was local :slight_smile:

You could contact these good people - who might want them for parts etc. They do occasional calls for kit.

Thanks for that link, I’ll check them out!

@tommy wanted to let you know that they are interested in my old computers/keyboards, and are very appreciative of the donation. Thanks for excellent suggestion! I hope to one day visit the museum, it looks great. :+1:

Fantastic. Great to hear. Good guys for sure.

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