Gmail is 20 years old

An interesting news item:

I rarely use it myself. I created an account when my former ISP (TPG in Australia) cancelled its web page and email services and I needed an email for my websites.

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At first Gmail was by invitation, you had to sign up for one. I got mine on February 18, 2005

It looks like I signed up for Gmail in January 2009, but it took me a while to write my four-part series on why.

Do you remember when the invitation-only period ended? My welcome email is dated May 24, 2005. But I don’t remember if it was still by invitation at that point.

2007 (Gmail is 10 years old today - The Verge)

2007 for me - but I do remember invites.


2/18/2005 (date of my welcome message)

My welcome message is 6/11/2004. Didn’t remember I’ve been using them since almost the start.