Get Safari suggestions to prioritize bookmarks

It appears that Safari’s suggestions sometimes show so many matches within my recent history, that it’s not actually suggesting things that exist in my own bookmarks. Is there any way to get Safari (defaults write?) to always prioritize a hit if its from within bookmarks?


I don’t have a solution but I can say I feel your pain. It drives me crazy when I know I bookmarked something and then have to search through my bookmarks to find it, since Safari seems to think my history is more important.


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Hey Simon,

Apple clearly doesn’t care about bookmarks in Safari.

Safari’s bookmark / history management and search are amongst the worst to have ever existed.

Bad Apple!

To find bookmarks more easily you can give them text tags in the title. These aren’t perfect, but they can be used from Safari’s Unibar or bookmark search.

If you want more control, you’ll have to resort to something like URLManager Pro.