Generic Icons for Attachments in Apple Mail

Since upgrading to Ventura, my desktop (M1 mini) only shows generic icons for attachments in Apple Mail. My laptop, on Public Beta Program, does not have the same issue. Was hoping it was corrected in 13.1, but unfortunately it was not.

Anyway to fix this??

I believe one can run launch services database w free Onyx and it should straighten this out. I have the same problem with generic icons in my Security & Privacy Settings : Full Disk Access, Accessibility, etc. I have no way of knowing how to repair these icons. The above does not work on those in the System Preferences. Either way, it won’t hurt to try. Best, Patrick

Didn’t work…

Beans. Try this Steven: macOS app icons are displaying as generic… - Apple Community
Best, Patrick

Fortunately, the issue isn’t icons in the Finder. Those are all fine. They are the icons showing Apple Mail attachments in an email message. :angry:

Please don’t use these emojis. Email doesn’t show your intent.

You can view it on the web – in 2022 I think we should be able to use emojis if we want! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:

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Sorry, I don’t want to waste time checking the web for new postings. That’s why I get email.

@cwilcox tracked this down and it appears to be an Apple bug that can be worked around by turning off Limit IP Address Tracking.

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The not seeing emoji icons or the generic icons for attachments??

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Just a personal observation here. Under macOS 12x, I would turn off “Limit IP Address Tracking” in my WiFi connection settings (the only one I had/have active) and it would turn itself back on at the next boot. Rinse, repeat, ad infinitum. I haven’t seen that issue in macOS 13x, but it’s something I keep checking on periodically. Because once you’ve pulled that trick on me, it takes a long time for me to trust you again. Especially when you never acknowledge the issue as existing at all.