Garage Band update / cannot update annoying

So, I have an iMac 2013 model which I breathed new life into by installing an SSD to replace the Hybrid drive, and fingers crossed it is running great. This is one of the Models that will not be able to upgrade to Big Sur. No biggie for me - I only just upgraded to Catalina & always wait a long time. However, the App Store updated several Apple Apps last night ready for Big Sur / Macs with Apple Silicon. One that could not update was Garage Band - I hit the “Update” button, and get a message saying

We could not complete your update.
GarageBand can’t be installed on “Macintosh HD” because macOS version 11 or later is required.

Since my Computer is on the “Incompatible” list, why push this to my Mac? Software update knows this is the end of the OS line for my Mac, so why doesn’t the App Store? If I want to use Garage Band on this Computer, it means I am stuck with the Red “Update” alert on the App Store. Very poor implementation on Apple’s side

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