Furniture Layout App

Any suggestions for a Mac app to layout furniture when moving into a new home? Thank you. David

Take a look at Live Home 3D. A learning curve if you want the 3d walk-throughs etc but I think for basic plans it’s OK.

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I have tried many room layout applications including MacOS and iOS. I recently went through several, thinking that the iPad would make a simple, intuitive interface. I was looking for something to replace my grid paper and cut out furniture, but there seemed to be nothing that was a simple, single room, 2D layout program. This included Leica Dista Plan (since I have their laser measuring tape) - but to unlock the better plan would be 1.99 a month, but did not seem to include and stock furniture to use and was very vague if it would meet my needs.
I also redownloaded Arc Site and Room Planner 3D, but they had things in 3 dimensions. Even the Mac
Version of Room Planner was too much (they want you to plan a whole house).

In the end, I went back to grid paper and cut out furniture .

Here is a summary of other options and some of the 2D ones may suit you but usually charge by the month. You may be able to get a month and be done. Let me know if you find one that is easy to use I still prefer using my iPad, which may have been my limiting factor.

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