Fun Changes in iOS 14 – File permissions

I guess there are always changes in a new release – little fun surprises we all run into. The things that keep us on our toes.

I use iA Writer to update a Markdown file on my Mac’s desktop when I’m away from my Mac. I just tried updating that file with iOS 14 and got an error that I no longer have permission to edit it.

Unfortunately, I see no way to let iCloud know that yes I want to be able to edit this file on my iPad and iPhone. Any ideas how I can change permissions?

How did you do that before iOS 14? Do you have Desktop & Documents syncing turned on for your Mac? I wouldn’t expect iA Writer to be able to see outside of whatever was accessible via Files through iCloud.

Have you tried creating a new file in that location, which might give it different permissions?

Yes, I have Desktop syncing turned on in iCloud. I first pulled up using Browse, then had been pulling it up via Recent. Today, I tied and it failed with the cannot edit document. I can pull it up, I can even edit it, but when I leave the document, I get an error message that it cannot write to the document.

I finally figured out how to make it work. I had to go to the Library in iA, click on Edit, then “Add Location”, and add Desktop.