FTP write access from Finder

I have to update someone’s website and the host only allows access via ftp (or via very terrible web). The finder doesn’t mount ftp sites with rite access anymore.

I am managing the ftp via the command line, but I would prefer to mount the ftp so that it shows in the finder. Since this is a short term issue, I also don’t want to buy anything.


You could try Cyberduck which I used years ago for a while. It doesn’t mount the server in the Finder, but it was a competent (and free) ftp/sftp client when I used it. Haven’t used it in a few years though, resorting to Fetch when I (rarely) need ftp.

FileZilla is the only completely free one that I’m aware of, but be careful where you get it from as it often comes with adware.

If what you download is a .dmg file with an installer, don’t use it.

I checked this one and it matches the current clean one that I have: <https://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/files/FileZilla_Client/3.31.0/> and click on “FileZilla_3.31.0_macosx-x86.app.tar.bz2”.

I assume you realize how insecure FTP is, so consider your password compromised when finished with your project. That’s the reason Apple eliminated Finder access to it. Try to convince that someone to adopt a secured FTP protocol ASAP.


If you want ftp to look like it’s mounted for free, the only option I know of is to run an older macOS.

I would forget about the mounting and use Cyberduck or FileZilla.

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I’ve never used it but maybe you could use CurlFtpFS, do note the dependencies.

I use Mountain Duck for this: https://mountainduck.io/

It supports ftp but I use something a little more secure :wink: There is a trial version, it works nicely with Cyberduck sharing bookmarks etc.

Very boring, just works :wink:

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Not free but ExpanDrive mounts ftp, sftp and cloud drives in the finder. Does a sync without actually downloading files so you can have a listing of files and folders and navigate/organise etc. Recommended.

There’s also Forklift which offers FTP access but it’s within its own window as a Finder replacement.

If you want a stand-alone FTP program that’s free, check out:

RBrowser (free)

I haven’t willingly used ftp in at least 15 years, but astonishingly there are still web hosts out there requiring it to access the site’s files. I ended up simply grabbing the entire site with ncftp and editing it locally and then putting everything back.

Thanks for the suggestions. though, hopefully I’ll never have to do this again.