Frame AI glasses from Brilliant Labs

And now for a different approach: open-source glasses that can display a 640x400 image on the lens for you to read.

I’m not quite clear on what capabilities it has—the examples are a little heavy on shopping—but it’s in extreme contrast to the Vision Pro.

Toward the bottom of their page, they have links to third-party reviews. I clicked on the one for Adafruit and got a description of one of their other products, the Monocle:

The Monocole is clearly a peripheral device. It includes a small embedded processor and an FPGA, but it seems like the device is clearly intended to work in conjunction with apps running on a mobile phone (via bluetooth).

The Frame glasses look like a next generation version of the same concept. Very interesting. Quite possibly useful (depending on the apps that become available for it). But not at all like an AVP, which is a fully self-contained computing device, not a peripheral paired with a phone or computer.

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