“Forget this network” not available for connected Wi-Fi host in iOS 14

For some connected wi-fi networks, when I tap the blue “I” or the name in Wi-Fi settings on my iPhone running iOS 14.1, I don’t see “Forget this network” on the page that appears. Is there a way for me to override whatever is preventing that directive from being displayed on that network’s blue “I” page?

You cannot forget a network you have never joined. Most of the networks I can see right now have no “forget” option for that reason.

Do you see networks that you have used but cannot forget?

Another reason is the it might be a part of a profile. So to get rid of the remembered password you have to remove the profile. Tread carefully as the profile may have other things. Like bits needed to allow the device to be used inside of a company setup or similar.

For my latest case, I hadn’t intended to join the network. It was apparently an unrestricted network and didn’t require a password, so when I discovered that I was connected to it, I assumed I had mistakenly tapped to join. The only way I could find to disconnect was to turn off “connect automatically”, then bounce Wi-Fi. Maybe there’s a setting to prevent connecting to such a network with a single tap, but I don’t know where it is.