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I admit to being totally stumped and desperately need help. I have Focus > Do Not Disturb set for 9pm to 7am. I have two people that are set to override this. I don’t want to turn my phone off at night, just in case I need it, but I need to find a way to silence Mrs. X (not one of the two) at night. I don’t know how she’s overriding my prefs, but she is. She sends middle of the night non-emergency texts that wake me up and are really annoying. If you have any good ideas on what setting I might have missed, please let me know.

I’d just mute her texts.

(Go to a conversation with her, touch her name/icon at the top, and scroll down to “hide alerts”.)

You’ll still get texts and notifications from her, but they won’t make noise. This won’t just be for Do Not Disturb times, but always. I have that set for a few people who text too often with non-emergency texts, or who do things like send 5 one-word texts in a row (so I get 5 annoying beeps). Works great, but it is specific to each device, so you may need to do it on iPads or Macs also for that person.

Thanks. I’ve now done that on my iPhone, but I’d prefer to not mute my “family” conversation as I’ll have to be more vigilant in watching the conversation.

There are a few ideas here: Why Am I Getting Notifications When Do Not Disturb Is On - Guiding Tech

The one about time-sensitive notifications was news to me.

Make sure they are not listed as a VIP - that will allow them to break through no matter what settings you have.

Also make sure the option to break through if they call back within 3 minutes is checked. I know I said call because that’s how it was, I don’t know if it works the same way with texts.


This was interesting. I’ve never used the “Personal” Focus setting, but I’ll look into setting it up. Anything to stop the wee hours texts.

I have noticed that sometimes when I try to send an iMessage, I get a message saying that the recipient has notifications silenced but then another option (in a tiny font) saying ‘Notify Anyway?’. If I select this, the message goes through and the recipient receives the notification. Perhaps this is what Mrs. X is doing?

Incidentally, I see this quite often as many people seem to have their notifications silenced unwittingly. I think this is due to a bug and the only solution I have found is to turn off ‘Share across devices’ in System Settings/Focus.


Oh my goodness! I’ve never encountered that, and yes, I can imagine Mrs. X doing just that. Argh! Thanks for the info. I think.

If that’s the case, then you can turn off Focus sharing. Others will have no way of knowing when you have notifications disabled, so they will not be presented the “Notify Anyway?” option.

h/t: How to turn off "Notify Anyway" on iPhone - Apple Community


Thanks. I made sure that was properly set.