Flagged Messages In Mail

What’s going on in Apple Mail? A few weeks ago my Flagged Messages function quit working. That is, the built in method of retrieving flagged messages quit; I can still find them by searching for “flagged mail.” I kept thinking Apple would offer a fix but if they have I’ve missed it! Is there some kind of reset to fix this? Thanks!
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iOS or Mac?

I’ll guess I’ll answer in case this helps.

If it is MacOS - at least on Sonoma, Ventura, and I’m not sure how far back, I assume that somehow you removed “Flagged” from your list of favorite folders. If you have your Favorites on the left sidebar, if you hover the mouse over that line you will expose a “+” control to the right. Click that and will put up a dialog asking which mailbox to add - if you click in the box, hopefully you will see “Flagged” there.

iOS is similar. In the mail app go to your Mailboxes view. From here tap the “Edit” button top-right and that allows you to check the “Flagged”

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