Flagged Flag in Apple Mail Won't Go Away

Using Apple Mail v. 16.0:

Recently the Flagged category has been showing that there is 1 flagged email.

However, opening the category shows no flagged emails. I can’t find any recent email that is flagged in any category or mailbox. I have quit and restarted Mail and the OS but it still shows there’s 1 flagged email.

It’s just an annoyance, but I’d appreciate any suggestions for fixing the problem.


Sometimes my flagged messages don’t show up in my ‘Flagged’ Favorites, even though I know I have some flagged messages. So I created a Smart Mailbox to find the flagged messages. For my Smart Mailbox I specified ‘Contains messages that match of the following conditions: Message is flagged.’ I also chose to ‘Include messages from Sent’. To create a new Smart Mailbox move your cursor into the far left column then move it just to the right of the ‘Smart Mailboxes’ label until the ‘+’ in a circle appears. This will open a dialog box where you can enter your search criteria. You might try this to see if it can find your mysterious flagged message.

Thanks for that. I created the Smart Mailbox as described, but no messages have appeared there yet! (And the Flagged mailbox continues to display a ‘1’ indicating it thinks there’s a flagged message somewhere.)

I’m planning to rebuild the mailbox db as per Michael Tsai’s instructions from a link found elsewhere on TB Talk. I’ll let the list know if that works.