First-generation Apple TV: No App Store app?

Hello. I was searching for info regarding the app store not available for the first Apple TV and found that there were contradictions. Is this true? It seems illogical not to be able to download apps to the first APPLE TV device?? I have a friend with the first apple TV and didn’t see the APP Store app.

There was no Apple TV App Store until the fourth-generation model. Apple hasn’t supported the first-generation model in years.

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The very first Apple TV had a hard drive and you sync’d it with your computer like an iPod.

Thank you but am I being unclear on exact terminology? I bought the second Apple TV device A1625 and I have and use the App Store app. If I didn’t have it how would I have be able to install apps for HBO MAX, prime, ABC, etc??

I forgot to try to identify the app better by saying it’s the Same icon on all devices - blue with the White A Displayed.

That is the fourth generation Apple TV, not the first or second.

I’d try restarting it. The App Store should be there.

Thanks Doug but I am not having any problem with my Apple TV. My friend is. 4th generation! Wow! Where was I?

The fourth gen is the first model to have an App Store. All previous Apple TV models just included all services that were available on the platform, and they would download automatically as they were available (this happened, for example, when the Amazon Prime app became available I think a couple of years ago.)

I don’t have my third gen anymore, but I do recall that you could hide icons from the Home Screen and get them back somewhere in settings. See what this says about the third gen and getting icons back here: Move and hide apps on your Apple TV - Apple Support