Firefox defaults to searchpulse. How to remove?

I understand that searchpulse is a virus.

Not good that this first appeared after I updated my Firefox desktop app on my travel computer.

How do I get rid of it?

How do I tell Mozilla about this problem?

Thanks much for any tips.

Searchpulse is a browser hijacker/adware infection, so not a true virus. You might be able to remove it by simply checking to see if you’ve accidentally installed an add-on that’s causing it. If so, just remove any that you don’t recall having installed.

If that doesn’t help, you’ll probably need help from some anti-malware software. DetectX is now freeware (at least until V2 is released) so probably start with that. A couple of others I usually recommend are ClamXAV and Malwarebytes for Mac. Both have fully operational trial modes and Malwarebytes will revert to a free mode after 14 days.

Full disclosure, I have provided uncompensated assistance to all three developers over several years, so not totally unbiased.

Once you’ve removed the extension and or other files, make sure your Home page and search engine preferences are restored to your previous default options.