Finder wants to make changes


Can you help me to get rid of the annoying pop-up window “Finder wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this.”

It does not go away after dozen of times entering my password. Then suddenly it goes…

It continued irregularly (but not every day) before update to Sonoma, and is back after the update.

Sometimes “Relaunch Finder” helps, sometimes not.

Thank you,

What are you doing before this dialog pops up?

And is your account an admin account?

Sometimes working with other apps, sometimes checking Mail…
Could not catch any pattern.

Yes, I am the Admin, no other Users.

I have several external HD connected. All of them, except Time Machine, have checkmark " Ignore ownership on this volume". Examples uploaded.

I’ve occasionally seen my Mac get into a weird state where dozens of random services all want to re-authenticate. The popups appear as fast as I can dismiss them (either with or without providing credentials). This usually happens if the Mac has been running for several weeks without a logout or reboot.

The only solution once it gets into this state is to reboot. If the popups pause long enough to request a restart from the Apple menu, I prefer to do it that way. But if that proves impossible, then I will have to perform a force-power-off (long-press the power button) and then power-on after 30 seconds. At which point, it all goes back to normal.

It looks like you may be seeing the same thing.


When that happens, what about remote ssh login and sudo shutdown -r now? Does that work?

Remote login hangs. Probably due to the same authentication problem that’s causing an endless stream of popups requesting keychain passwords.

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The problem is gone now. Did few restarts…

System uptime: 2 days, 3:01, 1 user
macOS Version: 140000

Thnak you for the suggestions

Unfortunately the Finder still “wants to make changes”.
Mac OS Sonoma 14.3

Pops up irregularly. After entering password dozen times, the pop-ups are stopping. Returning in few days.

I’ve found on occasion that Safe Boot followed by normal boot eliminates recalcitrant pop-ups and other persistent odd behavior. In addition to preventing certain stuff from loading on startup, Safe Boot clears various caches that may hold the keys to the oddities.