Find My with AirPods (and not AirPods Pro)

I discovered AirPods are not washing machine proof. Mine were in my pocket when we did the laundry. However, I thought after all the great reviews, I’d buy the AirPod Pros to replace them. Nope, sold out until the end of November.

One of the things about AirPods is that you can use Find My… to find them. However, this doesn’t work if they’re in the case which is when I normally need to find my AirPods. (Where did I put the case? Is it on my nightstand? Is it by my computer? Is it on the table in the family room?)

However, today I opened up my AirPod case to find it empty. Fortunately, Find My… did come through. I was able to ping the right AirPod and located the pair just in time, their battery was almost out.