Find Missing TimeMachine Backup on Time Capsule?

I’m trying to help a friend of a friend who has been through a lot of trouble with her MacBook and AirPort Time Capsule.

To cut to the chase - are there ways to discover/unearth a missing TimeMachine backup on a Time Capsule? And re-connect it to the MacBook?

She originally had a 2009 MacBook Pro, which was backed up to the Time Capsule. She later bought a 2015 MacBook Pro, which was also backed up to the Time Capsule. (Two Time Machine backups, 2009-2015 and 2015-2020)

Her 2015 MacBook Pro “crashed” (I don’t know the details) and would not boot. She took it and the Time Capsule to a regional Mac repair shop. They repaired the MacBook by wiping the drive and installing Big Sur. They restored the data from the 2009-2015 Time Machine backup. They stated that that was the only one on the Capsule.

Now with the restored MacBook she can’t find the 2015-2020 backup. She really would like this data restored.

I’m not familiar with Time Machine. I believe the two backups are separate diskimages. That’s as far as I go.

Any suggestions?


I can’t answer you question directly.
I never owned nor used a “Time Capsule”.

But here are some very good tools for all things Time Machine.

BackupLoupe: just $12.00


The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2)