Filling Out Your Cookbook Shelves with ckbk

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Do you want the experience of cooking from a cookbook alongside the convenience of pulling up recipes online? ckbk’s collection of 700 books and 120,000 recipes makes that possible. And a new collaboration with Eat Your Books expands the offerings.

Neat idea. Trying out the free level. Too bad there is no dark mode - that might make me step away from it.
The app seems like a wrapper for the website. The share sheet is limited and there is no conversions from metric available.
I am just feeding recipes into Paprika - a bit clunky, as Paprika sometimes does not get the directions in the capture, so that needs to be done manually.

David, Jeff,
Thanks for the feedback!
We know font size adjustment and Dark Mode are important to users and both will be rolling out soon (our Recipe of the Day and other notification emails are all already Dark Mode compatible)

ckbk co-founder

PS As a temporary workaround for now, if you access ckbk via the website rather than the app, you do have the ability to zoom / change font size in the web browser…

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All the prose accompanying the recipe is there for a good reason, copyright law. Recipes by themselves cannot be copyrighted but the cookbook with all the descriptions can be. Plagiarize the recipes all you want but leave the commentary alone.

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