FileMaker and Sonoma

One good reason some of us are still sticking with Ventura is because FileMaker version 19 does not work properly with Sonoma. FileMaker version 20 is mostly compatible with Sonoma, but is not compatible with some older versions of FileMaker server, and many clients are still running systems not yet compatible with v20 for their own reasons. So those of us who are FileMaker developers really need to be able to run FileMaker 19 without bugs.
I’ll be happy to upgrade to Sonoma once it is feasible. I might even go through the trouble of setting up a Mac VM at some point to run older FileMaker versions in older macOS, but that takes time to set up.

Daniel, To what extent is FMP 19 not working with Sonoma? Can you direct me to more info on this? I’m not a power user of FMP, but have significant files with many scripts that I’ve developed over the last dozen or so years that I can not afford to lose. Thanks.

I recently migrated my iMac/Mojave data to a Macbook Air M2 running Sonoma. Filemaker 15 and all my databases are still working well. That was one of the main factors in going ahead with upgrading hardware and macOS.

I don’t plan to update to more recent Filemaker versions as the current version covers all my needs.
I don’t use network/server features that apparently have “issues” with Sonoma.

Regarding the separate discussion about Sonoma automatically installing, there doesn’t seem to be a clear pattern for this. In essence the upgrade is offered but some users have found that the upgrade proceeds even when they have tried to cancel it.

I’m currently running FMP 19 on Sonoma. I haven’t noticed any particular issues but I’m only doing basic maintenance and very simple things with it. I’m not using any networked solutions.

Once they started down the subscription route I stopped doing any new development work with it as I wasn’t willing to end up with another subscription.

It’s a shame, I always enjoyed working with FMP but I can’t justify the costs into retirement. If the freemium ever sees the light of day I’d likely reconsider.

I’ve got FMP 19 (don’t need anything v.20 offers, and I no longer want to pay the price) on an M2 MBAir with newest Sonoma and have seen no problems. Then again, I only use it on my own Mac, only for personal and local use, no web stuff or servers or any other collaboration with others.

I take some comfort in what I’m reading here. While I use FMP 19 to maintain a combined set of large files that are interconnected with scripts (including some small AppleScript scripts) that output their content to parts of text/php files for a middle school academic league that I coordinate, the only connection FMP has with the internet is to use scripts to tell my ftp program to up and download the php files. It sounds like this will continue to work if/when I download and install Sonoma.