File system sort preference not sticking

(Diane D) #1

I keep my desktop and downloads folders sorted by late added or modified when I am browsing them. Recently though, they are defaulting to sort by name, especially the downloads folder.

My sort options do say “sort by date added” in the downloads folder, but I just changed it to grab a photo I airdropped. At some point it will change back again. This always used to stick for me by folder until I changed it.

Anyone else have this issue and figure out how to fix it? I know, it’s just one extra click but……

Running Sierra on a early 2015 MPB Retina.


(Adam Engst) #2

In general, to get Finder windows to remember your settings, get them all set, then close the window. Open a new window, and it doesn’t honor the old settings, set them again. Close again. That should usually do it.