File sharing with user folders

I have an iMac and macBook Pro both running Catalina 10.15.7. I have File Sharing enabled on both machines with my home directory and another home directory as shared. I’m setup for Read/Write access to the share. I have no issue on either machine opening the shared folder in Finder. The issue is that I cannot expand either my Desktop, Documents or Downloads folder to see the contents. Other folders, including Library and some I created myself open to show contents fine. I did speak to several Apple folks about this and am at the stage where they think my OS might be corrupt (on both machines?) and I should reinstall MacOS. Another thought is that these are “special” directories because they can be synced to the cloud (not downloads). Apple thinks it should work. Has anyone else seen this issue and hopefully performed some simple magic to fix it.

Seems to be working now. I turned off File Sharing on the MacBook, rebooted, reconnected from the iMac and now I see documents. Do recall suggesting that to the apple tech and was told I don’t have to cycle sharing, just remove and re-add the directory. Thanks to all.

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