File naming schemes and quirks

That’s a great tip — I’m a huge PopClip fan. It shouldn’t be hard to customize the snippet to suit oneself.

I’ll just stick with manually typing things in, because too often I’m doing it after the fact and the current date wouldn’t be right.

Yes, often it’s a letter or similar, with its own date on. If physical, I write date it was received on it before scanning (eg. “Rec’d: 2024.07.03.Wed”), but usually file using date sender printed on it.

I recently had a problem where a Zip archive I created on the Mac wouldn’t open for Windows users. Windows just gave a generic “can’t open this file” message and gave up. I traced it down to a single file (out of thousands) with an extra-long filename (it might have also had “illegal” characters in it).

Once I renamed that and recompressed the Zip, the file decompressed fine under Windows. But thought this was weird and challenging as it was hard to catch. Since everything else in the Zip was fine, I’d have expected everything else to decompress and only the problem file show an error. Instead the whole archive wouldn’t even open!

With my aging eyes, I find it much easier to read dates on screen if I use hyphens between two letter blocks, e.g., YY-MM-DD, although for my personal files I use MM-DD-YY without leading 0’s, e.g. 7-3-24.

Wow. A definite bug in Microsoft’s Zip integration (that makes zip files appear as desktop folders). I’d ask you to report it to them, but I don’t know where you can do that.

Did you happen to try other Zip utilities? WinZip, 7-zip or the command-line info-zip utilities might work where Microsoft’s tool failed.

I did and third party ones worked, but as this was a zip for paying customers (digital content they had bought), I couldn’t rely on that or ask them to install software just to read my zip archive.

I use YYYYMMDD to start file names. Very readable. No full stops/periods or hyphens. Benefits include faster typing, less characters used in file names, and self-filing in chronological order. Added benefit is no confusion as to what counts as a month or a day for us non-Americans.