File can't be found - once

Ventura, latest Dropbox (167.4.4719).

Dropbox moved its folder to CloudStorage when I updated it after moving to Ventura. I had to change some symlinks, but that was no big problem. My Downloads folder is now called Downloads db and sits in CloudStorage; in my home folder, I have a symlink to it. It all works pretty well.


Since the move, when I download a folder of documents (which I do often, for work, usually zipped and automatically expanded) and open that folder, I get “ can’t be found” when I double-click one of its files. Once. I click “OK” and then double-clicking the file works as expected. This happens for every file in the folder: one “can’t be found”, then OK.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s minor; life has more significant annoyances. It is mildly irritating, though. Any idea what’s going on?

Could be an outdated Spotlight index…which can be rebuilt easily but offhand I don’t remember the solution…but there are a couple ways to do so IIRC.

I don’t see how that can be the solution. I’m not asking the machine to look for anything: the Finder is showing the file in a window and I’m double-clicking it. It happens only on files in the Dropbox folder, and only after that folder was moved from its old location to the new one. What does Spotlight have to do with it?

See here for other reports Various Ventura Issues - #19 by MaltbyEarl

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Interesting. I suppose it reassures me that I’m not unique.

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