Favorite Mac PDF readers?

Hi friends! Happy New Year to you all!

I subscribe to a few different online magazines that are delivereid in horiztonal and vertical PDF format. I usually read them in Apple’s Preview on my MacBoook Pro but I don’t love the experience, and am curious if there are other readers that are worth investigating?


My default PDF reader is Firefox - which has had built-in PDF rendering since 2013.

For documents that don’t work well with Firefox or Preview, I keep an installation of Adobe Reader on my Mac. It can pretty much handle everything I throw at it.


PDF Expert is my favorite. (I spend hours each day reading PDFs.) I like it mostly for the markup tools and the consistency across iOS and Mac devices. But a close second would be PDF Viewer, which is free.


For me, it’s Adobe Reader for day to day work. It is more dependable and accurate than Preview. And if you have a PDF that needs to have a form filled out, I’ve found that Preview simply can’t deal with it.

One area where Preview shines over Adobe Reader is that it can add/delete/copy/paste pages of a document. That’s my most common use of it for PDF documents.

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Another PDF Expert user here though my University gives me an Adobe license as well, that has come in handy for certain fixes.

I recall using Skim, an excellent free app, prior to picking up the paid PDF Expert app.

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