Fantastical 3.7 and Cardhop 2.2

Originally published at: Fantastical 3.7 and Cardhop 2.2 - TidBITS

Brings improvements and bug fixes to the calendar and contact management apps. ($39.96 annual subscription, free update, 58.4/29.4 MB, macOS 11+)

I have fantastical for iOS. I tried to sync it with my Apple iCloud calendar and it completely wiped out all of my past and future events/appointments, etc. I tried to contact flexbits and they only do email support, no phone support. But they asked me to send them a screen shot. There is nothing to screenshot except a blank calendar. They have not been helpful. Has anyone experienced this issue and is there anything that I can do to get my appointments back?

Welcome, @alan11… this is a helpful and active community and you will get as much help here as you can find.

I really like Flexibits products but Fantastical particularly, is complicated and I believe that customers need straightforward guidance that they do not provide. I’m a subscriber, primarily for Cardhop, but there are absolutely great aspects of Fantastical too.

There is support on the website termed “Help Book” for each product; would that it was in pdf or iBooks format so one could read and learn easily on ones’ own time, without clicking through their site. Video tutorials are provided and useful but nothing beats thorough legible documentation much like Michael Tsai, often seen here, supplies for his elegant software, EagleFiler, SpamSieve, etc. Michael also provides a community forum using this same software we are interacting with here that is super helpful.

I have suggested to the devs, here I believe, that they should moderate a Flexibits subreddit which allows community members to help one another. A great example of this is the subreddit for Apollo, the deservedly lauded iOS Reddit client. This format also allows the developer to monitor issues and field often helpful suggestions and bug reports from dedicated users, who also tend to be self-policing.

If you do not want to provide phone support, even for more money, which I, for one, would gladly pay, at least make it easy for your dedicated customers to help one another.

Sorry to hear it—I’ve used Fantastical for iOS for years with no problems so I can’t really think of what you might have hit. You might be able to restore the calendars from iCloud.