Fantastical 3.0.7

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Brings more refinements to the recently upgraded calendar app. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 21.8 MB)

I loved Fantastical 2 so much I paid for it. When the new subscription model came out, it was full of nags regarding signing up for a paid account. I’ve sadly gone back to iCal because I found the nags and set up so irritating. This is very similar to the frustration and experience of users who invested in 1Password before they changed their model. The previous investors were left somewhat stranded and with a stripped down version of what they paid for.

Are you saying that the still available stand alone version of 1Password is somehow a limited version or in some way less than the previous non-subscription version? I don’t think that is the case. I purchased and upgraded 1Password through all versions until the subscription model was introduced. I stayed with the stand alone version and remained very satisfied with its performance and any support I needed. Later I changed to the subscription version to avail myself of the family integration and other new features, but do not feel 1Password has done anything to discourage my continued support.

Jack Clay

I paid for Fantastical 2 for my Mac, my iPad, and my iPhone. All have been upgraded to Fantastical 3 and I do not have any nagging problems. Is it possible that Fantastical 3 isn’t recognizing that you were a Fantastical 2 owner. I had to take an extra step on my Mac to get the entitlements of a Fantastical 3 owner. I had to have both versions on my Mac and have Fantastical 3 identify my Fantastical 2 app.