Family Sharing Not Working

My son recently got married, and I put my daughter in law on Family Sharing. However, she cannot see my purchases and i cannot see hers.

Looking on my Mac, I see her as a member of my sharing account, but when I click on her account I see this dialog box:

She showed me the sharing screen on her iPhone:

She has her own credit card on her account. Does she have to switch to mine? Everyone else on my plan is able see my purchases and I can see theirs.

I think so. When I first looked into family sharing, several years ago, I saw a requirement that seemed to indicate that all accounts in a family must purchase through the same payment card that the primary account holder has on file.

Since my wife, my daughter and I all have our own separate payment mechanisms authorized on our accounts and don’t want to change this, I don’t think we can “family share” anything.

My experience has been the same as @Shamino. My wife’s payment setup was removed when we turned Family Sharing on. Now all of it gets charged to my payment method.

This is actually a bit annoying because now I get billed for stuff I never bought. And because Apple charges to my Apple Card before they manage to send me an invoice through email I’m left puzzling over charges with the totally useless “Apple Services” description until they days later finally manage to push out that email. Or what usually happens, I ask my wife and then she gets to guess what purchase from 3 weeks ago that might have been. Yeah, that whole user experience is rather un-Apple.

Yes, that’s correct.