External monitor for MBP

(Diane D) #1

I have a 10 year old 22” flat screen ViewSonic that I use with my 2015 MBP. It’s always given me some issues and I’d like something a little bigger.

I found a local ad for a 27” Cinema Display #A1316 for $100 and I’m not sure if this is a decent deal, seeing as I do see current IPS monitors for $179 or even lower.

I do believe with a current monitor, the bezel will be minimal compared to one as old as the Cinema Display dated 2011, meaning overall footprint would be a little smaller.

I’d love any thoughts on this - I’ve always thought iMac displays were nice but admittedly have not seen many current non-Apple displays in person.


(LETRA) #2

A hundred dollars is a really good offer. Maybe too good… as the price usually starts at 350 dollars or more. If it is true, is the option that more compatibility with the Macbook will offer you. I wouldn’t think twice in this case. This is still a top quality monitor.

(@lbutlr) #3

I bough a Dell something or other 27" for $139, but is is “fake” 27" as it is still just 1920x1080 instead of 25mumble by 1440. that said, it was good for my needs. It was a good sale, but it’s available on amazon now for $168. A real 27" display will run you closer to $400.

I would not buy a 27" Cinema display because that’s an old monitor and monitors are cheap enough that I do not want to buy someone else’s problems. Also, it is not compatible with a current Mac (except the MacBook (I suspect as it is not Thunderbolt 3)).