Extended keyboard issues

I have an apple extended keyboard I’m using with a 27”iMac - the extended portion with numbers and some special characters stopped working - at least the part to the right of F14 - all keys - I posted on the apple support forum and someone replied that I may have enabled sticky keys and so pushed option 5 times and every key but the number keys started working - that suggested to me that it might be a press issue but I can’t find any info on where it might be - I like my extended section for numbers and miss it - hoping someone here will know how to enable the number keys again? Thanks in advance for all replies!

My extended kb died around the 2 year mark, I’m sure I posted here about it a few years ago. I found it wasn’t that uncommon. Mine is actually warped a bit despite spending its life on a flat desk. I lost many keys on the left side of the keyboard. I went back to my old MacAlly that I used with my G4. I won’t buy another, it’s too expensive to have that kind of lifespan.


Go to your Accessibility preferences and make sure that Mouse Keys is turned OFF. When turned on, Mouse Keys turns the number pad into a way to move the cursor…

Thanks for the input everyone - only part way thru email but - accessibility in shortcuts had check marks at sticky keys and mouse keys but unchecking both of those and most everything else in accessibility did not change the number keys actions - everything surrounding the numbers on the apple extended keyboard works just not the numbers - altho they do still control the cursor up/down/r&l but no numbers???

Did you restart the Mac? Hard to imagine the number keys moving the cursor with Mouse Keys actually off. Try hitting Option 5 times. Try a safe boot too perhaps.

I was turning on ADP which told me that my iMac was not up to date - my Apple TV’s and all my home pods had to be updated - in the process of updating everything a restart was required and after my extended keyboard works as expected - as an aside - my other issues posted here that got no response re deauthorizing 5 devices to disable one that would no longer start up so that I could add a new 5th device = iMac, MPB, a new second MBP M1 Max and my phone and watch - everything including the iPods and networking etc started acting funny - once everything was updated it all started to work as expected - I didn’t have to figure out how to write an upper case Y to log into my watch anymore - LoL