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A friend of mine wants to export her contacts but doesn’t have a computer, only an iPhone (unknown model/iOS version). If I bring my laptop (MacOS Sonoma 14.x), what is the best way to copy her contact database? The end goal is to export her contacts into a spreadsheet/CRM system.

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Do the contacts sync with iCloud? If so, you can open a private window on Safari on your Mac, have her log in to iCloud.com, and choose Contacts. Then see this page to see how to select and share contacts (i.e., create a VCF file with all selected contacts.)


Open Contacts to a display of Contact lists. Tap and hold the list you wish to export. You’ll be presented with a list of fields, and you will then select those you wish to export. When you are done, you’ll see a share sheet showing various targets. Select one and a .vcf version of the list will be sent there. Check on the web for various methods of converting VCF files to CSAV files or other spreadsheet formats.


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Wow, that is some useful hidden functionality I never knew about. Thanks so much!

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