Experiences with iOS 17

I’m running iOS 17.0.1 and I’ve run into 2 issues, not major but problematic for me.

  1. Memojis (those with my ‘face’ that I created a while back) disappeared from the emoji menu. I am having to choose stickers > Apple Memojis > choose what I want, send/post, and then it’s back to being listed on the far left of the emoji menu. It’s annoying and a huge time waste for me.
  2. All of my specially chosen alert sounds for various people have changed. For me, this is major as I have relied on this for ages to tell who is texting and/or calling. Now I must pick up iPhone and look at menu, something not always possible.

I’m really sorry I upgraded.

Well, that’s annoying! I have only one custom ringtone set, for my wife, and it carried over fine. Were custom ringtones just removed, or were they changed to something else?

Changed to something else. I’ve gone in and reset them all.

BUT … In spite of those 2 glitches I am rejoicing. :tada::partying_face::purple_heart: For the first time since January 2021 ‘Siri’ works in my car! Yes, WORKS! She read the directions to me as I went to and from the dentist! Best of all … :partying_face: she now plays Spotify through the car speakers!!! :partying_face::tada::purple_heart: I listened to my favorite music on my drive! :tada: I sang along at the top of my lungs. :tada: I’m super happy! :tada::partying_face::purple_heart::rofl::purple_heart::tada:


I created custom ringtones many years ago and used iTunes to upload them to my iPhone. These have remained on my successive phones and iOS, including the latest updates so I guess I am lucky.
I wouldn’t know how to upload these to my iPhone these days and I hope I don’t have to.

I sincerely hope you don’t run into any problems, but if you do, iMazing will allow you to upload them to (and download them from) your iPhone. Here’s a link from iMazing’s support page on how to do it.

I have custom ringtones on my phone, and iMazing makes it very simple to install and backup custom ringtones.

Can anybody here tell me how I cancel a Live Voicemail call? Not as in to pick up and talk, but in order to disconnect the caller? Basically, the equivalent of double-clicking my side button, but for calls for which Live Voicemail is already transcribing.

I have an iPhone SE purchased 12/20. I updated to iOS 17.0 pretty much as soon as it was released. I noticed no problems except, and it may be unrelated, I no longer received messages from one (and only one) of my text message groups. It took me a while to notice but one of the members contacted me individually to ask if I was ok. Long story short, after looking into it, I saw that there was no longer an option in Settings/Messages for Group Messaging. I tried the usual restarts and resets, to no avail. After talking with Apple support they mentioned that iOS 10.0.1 was now out and maybe that would solve the problem. I set up a new text message group with the same people in the group I “dropped out” of, and all seems to be working again. But, I still have no ON/OFF option shown for group messaging. So perhaps it’s now in default ON, and I just can’t see it?

Correction above. I updated to 17.0.1.

Group messaging was for sending messages. There used to be three ways:iMessage (blue bubbles) was generally the default if you use iMessage and all recipients do as well. If one of the recipients was not using iMessage, then the group message was sent with MMS or with SMS. If they were sent MMS, then all recipients would receive all replies, as if it was email and everyone did a reply all. If they were sent SMS, then the messages were sent like a blind carbon copy email: the messages were sent as individual SMS to each recipient, and only you would see any replies.

I’m not sure why Apple removed this, but it shouldn’t affect receiving messages from a group at all. And I’m assuming that the default for non-iMessage groups is MMS, unless you have the MMS messaging option turned off in Settings / Messages (well, maybe that’s what’s happened: maybe they renamed the option?)

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Thanks Doug. Yes, I have Send as SMS and MMS Messaging both on. One thing I didn’t mention was that that the Apple guy said the other group members should have received a “Not delivered” or some such for my delivery, but all confirmed with me later that they did not. I met with one personally a day later and his iPhone (newer than mine) did have the Group Messaging switch. I’m still curious about that, but it’s working now, so I’ll let things be.

I don’t like to cross-post, but apparently we have at least two iOS 17 threads going. I posted details about my missing custom text tones on the other thread.

I never update to a x.0.0 OS release, but whether I wait for x.0.1 or x.1 depends on problem reports. (I also don’t update to betas, only official releases.) I’ve been following the iOS 17 thread here, as well as reports from major tech sites, and haven’t seen any reports of widespread unusual problems, just the same general problems that manifest with every OS update and a handful of infrequent issues. Some of those last have been significant, but I haven’t seen any of these reported by more than a few people.

Is the general consensus that 17.0.1 is reasonably safe for the cautious-but-tech-savvy user to update to, or should I wait for 17.1 to be officially released?

I had no choice with my 15. I’ve been on 17.0.2 since Sat. But I will say that I’m pleasantly surprised by how little nonsense I’ve so far encountered. If Sonoma turns out to be similar, (I’ll likely wait for 14.1 there) I’ll be very happy. :slight_smile:

I do tax my Macs a whole lot more than my iPhone so I’d say YMMV.

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No problems to report on my iPhone 13 and iPad Air 5th Generation during the week or so since upgrading to 17.x.x versions.

The only issue that I’ve seen on my 13 Pro was disappearing cellular and wifi status icons, which happened once. I’m happy with the new text prediction and autocorrect - for me it’s been much better than before iOS 17, but there are people who hate it.

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I am missing my custom text tones. I updated my iPhone 13 mini to iOS 17.0.2 and found that my custom text tones were gone. Under Settings>Sounds & Haptics when I tap ‘Ringtone’ I see all my custom ringtones that I created myself and have loaded in the past. However, when I tap ‘Text tone’ all the custom tones I had created and loaded are now gone, but the standard Apple tones are there. If I launch Contacts and tap on one of the people to whom I’ve assigned custom ring and text tones, those custom tones are still shown for them but if I tap to change their text tone only the stock Apple tones are available and none of my custom tones. However, if I tap to change their ringtone, my custom ringtones are listed. When one of these contacts texts or calls me my custom tones are still used for both text and calls. Apparently my phone can still list my custom ringtones but not my custom text tones. The same thing has happened on my wife’s iPhone 15 running iOS 17.0.2.

Interesting. I always keep my phone on silent, and rarely receive calls anyway, but I just checked: mine are still there, both ringtones and text tones.

A few years ago, when Apple removed ringtone sync from iTunes, I recreated all of my custom tones in Garage Band on my phone, and saved them as ringtones that way. Now even if I set up my phone as new, it’s easy to save the ringtone and text tone that I use. (You can still drag tones in the Finder to your phone when it’s connected, but I’ve also stopped syncing my phone to a computer that way - everything is cloud synced these days.)

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No issues on my 12 mini, and in a bizarre impulse, I updated the day it dropped.

Getting older, but getting luckier, I guess.

When I connected my phone to my Mac with a USB cable, opened a Finder window for my phone, then dragged a new custom text tone into the General tab which is the standard way to load custom ring and text tones, it showed that it was copying the tone to my phone with a ‘green bubble +’ but it never appeared in the list of available text tones, nor did my other missing text tones.

This sounds like the database of text tones somehow got corrupted.

My next recommendation would be to make a backup, then erase the phone and restore from that backup. A bit time consuming, but I can’t think of anything else that would help in this situation.